Official documents

Our projects and budgets


All of our financial income was provided by the Davis Peace Project American scholarship, the value of which (at the exchange rate of July 31, 2016) is HUF 2,270,000. . The amount used in 2016 was HUF 1,913,905, which we used to organize three camps:

– Individual costs of the day camp in Magyarbánhegyes: HUF 292,975

– Individual costs of the Litke day camp: HUF 280,208

– Individual costs of the overnight camp in Agárd: HUF 1,268,095

– General costs for all three camps: HUF 65,322


In 2017, we held 4 camps and visited each of our locations at least twice on average. We can thank you for the approximately HUF 2.2 million needed for this!

We collected HUF 3.6 million in the framework of a public funding campaign. In addition to this sum, we were donated  laptops, toys and we were given a printer to borrow. We also got free transportation, car rental, and cultural programs.


Our 2018 budget was covered by Open Society Foundations with $15,000. We spent this amount on our 3 day camps, our overnight camp, at least 9 mid-year visits, and miscellaneous equipment (such as a printer, camera and projector).

Our fourth day camp, the Litke camp, was organized by two of our volunteers attending the Central European University within the framework of KEE’s Learn&Engage program, which covers the costs with 1,000 euros.


Our costs in 2019 are covered by the 6,000 euros awarded for our 3rd place at the Veolia Foundation Student Solidarity Award, and another $13,630 grant from the Open Society Foundations Education Support Program.

From these amounts, we organized 4 day camps and one overnight camp, and we held 3 visits before the summer. We planned 4 more visits before the end of the year. From February, we were also able to employ two of our volunteers part-time.


In 2020, we used our remaining reserves and received HUF 158,000 through personal income tax 1% subsidies. In addition, we launched the Tanoda in September, which was the subject of a community donation initiative, which resulted HUF 922,000 in donations. Thanks to this donation, we furnished the Tanoda building and hired András Oláh as local coordinator. We also won a grant ($20,000 from the Open Society Foundation), but the amount was only disbursed at the end of the year, so we used it in 2021.


In 2021, we mainly used existing subsidies.  In addition, we received a HUF 600,000 donation from BP, half of which we spent on summer camps. At the end of the year, we organized a community donation campaign in order to obtain a long-term location, in the framework of which we collected approximately HUF 3.5 million.

Annual Financial Reports